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The Legend of Zelda Press

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Welcome to zelda_press! This is the fandom newsletter for the awesome game known as Legend of Zelda. This was created to help unite the Zelda fandom on Livejournal. It was inspired by ff_press and atla_press.

Suggestions on improvements are welcomed. Self-promotion as well as advertising for new communities are also welcomed. I will do my best to report all fandom activity.


zeldapresswatch is the journal used to keep track of all fandom activity. If you have any questions or comments please email me. If you do not wish to have your contributions linked here, simply drop me a line by email or leave a comment and I will stop.

To keep up with the newsletter, simply friend the community.

Also, please inform me if I have missed any contributions made in the LoZ fandom as I cannot be everywhere on livejournal. Thank you.